The Official newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934

April 9, 2013 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 27

Your Club Board Members

President: Anna VanAdrichem-Rochon  New Generations: Jennifer Franssen 
Past President: Rob Horning  Foundation: 
President Elect: Jill Eagle  Membership: Rowena Cooper 
Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson  Secretary: Jill Eagle 
E-Secretary: Dave Pelletier  Public Relations: Ken Mews 
Club Administration: Cora Beking

Number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  17 =   71% attendance
The Meeting was held at the Victorian Pantry in Old Town Kemptville.
President Anna VanAdrichem-Rochon opened the meeting

Members acknowledged the passing of honourary Rotarian Keith Rolston who passed away April 7, 2013.

Marion Devries – honourary member
Jim Wrong – honourary member
Laura – Jennifer and Donovan’s daughter-in-law

50/50 Winner: 


  • A reminder that District Assembly is next weekend.
  • Patrycja requires transportation to and from an exchange event on the weekend.  Jennifer and Donovan can pick her up, Serge will deliver her to the event.
  • The application for the Prime Minister’s Award for Dr. George Fisher has been filed.
  • President Anna shared thoughts and success stories for Rotary Foundation
  • President Anna read a thank you note from the BIA for our involvement in the Christmas in Old Town Kemptville.

Terry Butler – Owner – Victorian Pantry and Councillor – North Grenville – Terry provided information on the upcoming infrastructure and growth plans for north Grenville on behalf of Mayor Gordon.

Upcoming Programme:
April 16 – Michael McCann – writer
April 23 – Let’s all visit another club!
April 30 – Committee meetings

“It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. We should all smile more often.”
  - Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

In remembrance of a man with a heartfelt and somewhat mischievous smile, Rotarian Keith R.