The Official newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
October 9, 2012 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 9
Your Club Board Members
                                        President: Anna Rochon            President Elect: Jill Eagle 
                                        Past President: Rob Horning            Secretary: Jill Eagle 
                                        E-Secretary: Dave Pelletier           Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson 
                                        Club Administration: Cora Beking           Foundation: Susan Hunt
                                        Membership: Rowena Cooper 
          New Generations: Jennifer Franssen 
                                Public Relations: Ken Mews
Number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  21 =   77% attendance
President Anna chaired the meeting.
Ben Vorano led the club in sing O Canada and in singing grace.


Jim Wrong – Honourary member
Keith Rolston – Honourary member
Adelaine Mushi– Rotary Club of West Ottawa
Suzie McIntosh – guest
Dave McKeller – visiting Rotarian
Susan Fisher – Visiting Rotarian

President Anna welcomed our guests and welcomed back travelers Mike Goss and Keith Nixon.

Keith Nixon – Birthday October 11
Dave and Jane Pelletier– Wedding Anniversary Oct. 12, 2012

President's Report
President Anna reported that the International conference is in Lisbon in 2013 and there are discounts for registering early.  She noted that the conference occurs about the same time as the Friendship exchange to England and is a hop skip and a jump away.

Book Programme
Everything is ready for the Youth Book Collection at the Book Fair on October 12, 2012.  Rotarians Ken, Anna, John W., and Colleen will be helping select books for youngsters in the area.   

Club Administration
Cora reminded everyone the next meeting is at the Blue Gypsy Winery in Oxford Mills (directions included) and the meeting on October 23 is at the Spencerville Mill.
These events are both Partner evenings and please remember to indicate to Cora whether you and a guest will be attending.

50/50 Draw WinnerBrian Cassidy

Banner Exchange:
Rotarian Keith Nixon presented a banner from the Rotary Club of Cape Town South Africa.

: Club Assembly

Treasurer’s Report
2012-2013 Budget
Moved by Gord Sowten and Seconded by Donovan Arnaud "That the Line item Fines and Happy Bucks be moved from the Membership portion of the budget to the Foundation portion."

There was general discussion regarding the purchase of club banners and the maintenance of Rotary Park, including the clock, by the municipality of North Grenville this year and in the future.

Moved by Brian Cassidy and Seconded by George Fisher "That the 2012-2013 budget be approved as presented." Carried

The Treasurer reported there was $14,624.00 at Scotiabank with an additional $900.00 at CIBC. Rotarian Colleen reported that the account at CIBC will be closed and the money transferred to Scotiabank shortly.

No report.

Rotarian Dave reported that the web page is current.  It was noted there was an absence of committee minutes and all committee chairs were reminded to have meetings and provide the e-secretary with minutes for posting.

Club Administration
Rotarian Cora reminded everyone….again…to contact her before Monday if you are not going to be having the meal on Tuesday OR if you are bringing a guest. 

It was suggested that the club could institute a practice of having one meeting where Rotarians visit area clubs rather than have a meeting in Kemptville. The club welcomed the idea. Moved by Donovan Arnaud, Seconded by John Beking "That the club initiate a practice of replacing one meeting with away visits by club members to various clubs in the area." Carried.   A list of area clubs and the meeting days and times is available in the Club Documents section of the website.

There was a discussion lead by the President which indicated that the Bar would no longer be available for our meetings.  The club is expected to consume $250.00 worth of alcohol per week in order to keep the bar operational. The club averages $40.00 - $100.00 per meeting. Moved by Cora Beking, seconded by Ben Vorano "That the Rotary Club maintain the payment of $15.00 for meals and forego having a cash bar at the meetings." Carried.

There was no membership report. It was indicated that the Membership Chair – Rowena, has requested the meeting night of October 30, be set aside as a membership information night. President Anna advised on October 10th that a report had been received on October 5, 2012. It is here, as sent to Anna. She apologizes for the oversight.

"Membership report:
I look forward to holding my first Membership Committee meeting following my return from Toronto.  The next few months will be ones of learning as the membership team put together strategies for increasing membership in the Rotary Club of Kemptville, and strategies for retaining the members currently involved in the club.
We will be looking for a small group of volunteers, willing to take on the role of mentoring new members.  These volunteers should be aware that the mentoring process will take anywhere from one to three years, as they guide new members through the process from simply being members of the Rotary Club of Kemptville to being Rotarians.
As requested by the Board, my first duty as Membership Chair was to contact Rotarian Ken Schliemann.  Prior to my meeting with Rotarian Ken, I had a conversation with President Anna, where we discussed different options, and alternative membership scenarios.  My meeting with Rotarian Ken was most cordial, and following a long discussion that covered his business obligations and his enjoyment of Rotary, we decided that his talent lies in volunteering at various Rotary events. I had been authorized by President Anna to offer him a Friend of Rotary membership as laid out in the Manual of Procedure, and this he accepted.  He is looking forward to volunteering at events run by the Rotary Club of Kemptville.
I would appreciate it if electronic versions of the Application Form and the new member’s kit could be forwarded to me as soon as possible.  If there are existing hard copies available, I would appreciate receiving them as well.
Respectfully submitted
Rowena Cooper
Membership Chair"

Public Relations
Rotarian Ken M. commented on the previously discussed plan to purchase roll-up banners which could be used at various Rotary events.   He indicated the banners were not included in the current budget however he indicated the Committee is prepared to hold a fundraising event to cover the cost.  It was noted that Ken sends photos and stories of the club events to the EMC on a weekly basis.

New Generations
Rotarian Jennifer noted there is a service committee meeting October 10, 2012.  She also noted there will be interviews shortly for Adventures in High Tech with 3 applicants from North Grenville and two from St. Mikes. 


Rotarian Donovan reminded everyone the deadline for participation in the England exchange is a couple of weeks away.

The Stove Project is moving ahead and another trip to El Salvador is expected in the future.

Calendar Fundraising Question - A question was raised regarding the use of funds raised through the sale of calendars.  It was noted that while the club had discussed committing 3000.00 of the sales to the international committee, there was never a formal motion or vote on the matter. There was a general discussion about the recollection of the various debates about the use of the calendar funds. Moved by Donovan Arnaud, seconded by Brian Cassidy "That the excess proceeds, over the $3,000.00 already earmarked for the funding of the international committee stove project, from the sale of cash calendars be placed in the general reserves for the years 2011-2014."  .Carried

Rotary Foundation
Rotarian Susan indicated there had been a meeting of the committee and that the minutes would be forwarded to the e-secretary.

Moved by Jennifer Franssen, Seconded by Donovan Arnaud "That the Club Assembly adjourn at 8:20 p.m."  Carried



Upcoming Programme:
October 16 - away visit to Blue Gypsy Winery
October 23 – away visit – Spencerville Mill

President Anna led the club in reciting the Four Way test.


Directions to Blue Gypsy Winery
1595 Lindsay Road, Oxford Mills
10.4 km - about 16 mins


Head north-west on Prescott St/County Road 44 towards Clothier St W

0.1 km


Turn left onto Clothier St W/County Road 44

Continue to follow Clothier St W

1.2 km


Continue onto County Road 18

4.9 km


Turn left onto Water St/County Road 18

0.8 km


Turn left onto Bridge St

83 m


Turn right onto Beach Rd

1.1 km


Continue onto Crozier Rd

1.6 km


Turn right onto Lindsay Rd. Destination will be on the right