The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
March 12, 2013 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 12


President: Anna VanAdrichem-Rochon
New Generations: Jennifer Franssen
Past President: Rob Horning
President-Elect: Jill Eagle
Membership: Rowena Cooper
Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson
Secretary: Jill Eagle
E-Secretary: Dave Pelletier
Public Relations: Ken Mews
Club Administration: Cora Beking

Our guests this evening were David McKellar, Susan Fisher, as well as our speakers Kim Matthews, and Cynthia Potschka.

Attendance: 20 = 80%

President Anna called the meeting to order.

Rotarian Don led the club in the singing of the national anthem and grace.


  • President Anna welcomed Honourary Rotarian Jim and welcomed Rotarian Claire back.
  • Rotarian Cora gave a recap of the menu and cost for next week's meeting at Charly's. The membership found the prices to be a bit stiff so an alternative menu will be investigated.
  • Rotarian Rob gave an update in Duck Race sales and distributed ticket books for members to sell.
  • Rotarian Claire advised that we have sold 404 cash calendars and have had 11 winners to date.

Club Celebrations:
There were no celebrations this week.

This week's winner was visiting Rotarian Susan Fisher.


  • President Anna gave a brief presentation on donating to the Rotary Foundation using the R.I. website. The various funds that we can contribute to  were shown. After July 1st, Future Vision will be known as Foundation Grants. The grants will be broken down into District grants, Global grants, and Package grants.
  • Our speakers for this evening, Cynthia Potschka and Kim Matthews spoke on the possibility of putting a splash pad into the community, with Riverside Park being the preferred location. They explained what the pad was, the demographic that would use it, and the associated costs as well as the benefits to the community at large. After a question and answer period, they were thanked by President Anna
Upcoming Programme:
Mar. 19 - Heather Hossie will speak about Savour Ottawa (Charly's Restaurant)

Mar. 26 - Committee meetings (W.B. George Centre)

The meeting was closed with the recital of The Four-Way Test

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
Audrey Hepburn