THE KEMPTARIAN            
The Official Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Kemptville
District 7040, Charter 3741, November 1934
October 30, 2012 ~ Volume 89 ~ Issue 10

Your Club Board Members


President: Anna Rochon      New Generations: Jennifer Franssen 
Past President: Rob Horning
     Foundation: Susan Hunt 
President Elect: Jill Eagle
     Membership: Rowena Cooper
Treasurer: Colleen Morris-Wilson       Secretary: Jill Eagle 
e-Secretary: Dave Pelletier       Public Relations: Ken Mews 
                        Club Administration: Cora Beking

Number of Rotarians present at this evenings meeting:  21 =   77% attendance
President-Elect Jill Eagle chaired the meeting as President Anna was traveling the world.
Don Gilchrist led the club in sing O Canada and in singing grace.

Jim Wrong – Honourary member
Keith Rolston – Honourary member
Tony Wingingham – friend of Rotarian Ken Mews

Larry Donaghue’s wife Florence – November 5, 2012

Banner Presentation – Rotarian Gord presented the club with a banner from Guatemala he received from former Rotarian Jane Graham. Jane received the banner in 2002 when she traveled to see Bob Graham village in El Salvador.

50/50 Draw Winner:  George Fisher

Curling Exchange: 
Rotarian Bruce gave a brief report on the Curling exchange with Scotland. He noted there is a dinner planned for November 1, 2012 at his home.

Administration Chair:
Rotarian Cora announced that the Christmas Party has changed this year. She has some ideas about our club celebration however if you have ideas she would be happy to hear them. The party will be December 18.

New Generations:
Rotarian Jennifer requested assistance for the Kemptville Youth Centre burn barrels on December 2/12. She sent a work roster around the room for volunteers.

International Committee: 
Rotarian Donovan announced there are 12 people traveling to England in June 2013. He also announced there will be a meeting of the International Committee on November 7 at 7:00 at his house. He will send an e-mail to members.

Cash Calendars:
Rotarian Rob reported there are only a few calendars left to be handed out for sale.  To date:
Calendars received...397
Calendars issued...397
Calendars sold...166
Money in Treasurer’s possession as of Oct 30/12...$3160.00
Money received tonight in my hands...$620.00
Total $3780.00 Income

Two dates remain at Jonsson's with only roughly 30 calendars to sell in the box. Dates are Monday Nov 12 6-8 pm shift needed and Wednesday Nov 14th with the 2-4 and 4-6pm shifts needed to be filled.

Christmas Parade:
Rotarian Rob noted he will not be able to co-ordinate the Parade this year and is looking for a volunteer to take over the preparations.  Rotarian Don G. remarked that the parade is on November 17, 2012 this year.

Adventures in High Tech: 
Rotarian Rob reported that Sebastian Potvin-Carenza attended Adventures in Hi tech in Ottawa recently. Arrangements will be made for him to speak to the club.

Rowena Cooper – Membership Committee Chair Rowena provided an overview of the requirements for membership in Rotary.

Upcoming Programme:
November 6 – Sally MacInnis – Travel to Cameroon
November 13-- Fiona Plunkett  - Carved in Stone art work.
November 20—Birkett Foster –  Storm Internet
November 27—MGen. Christine Whitecross - experiences in Afghanistan .
December 4—President Anna, husband Paul and Rotarian Mike G. will share with us their travels and experience in  Australia.
Rotarian Rob welcomed Rotarian Bruce W. back to the fold and congratulated President Elect Jill for a job well-done.

President-Elect Jill led the club in reciting the Four Way test.

                                                             If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be. Yogi Berra