This week Rotarians met at the home of Debbie and Daryl Brown for our annual 4-H corn roast where we and about 40 4-H members got together and enjoyed fresh corn on the cob and hot dogs. We were asked to assemble in the front yard after dinner and the 4-H club presented several members with awards for their 100th anniversary garden displays in various categories.
Then the 4-H club members lead a Holstein cow out and demonstrated how it is groomed for shows. The cow patiently put up with her tail being teased, baby powder put on to whiten her cream spots,  and hair spray to keep the hair on her back standing up, and black polish to make her shine. Then it was time for photos and she continued to patiently stand there with everyone gathered around. Afterwards our Rotary club was presented with a 100th anniversary bench made by the wood working 4-H club members.  
Thursday August 27 was a special evening to meet our El Salvador, Noreste club friends and their partners. We had 8 Rotarians and two guests come over for a great evening of fellowship and reunion, especially for those who had gone to El Salvador as a team in 2012 and for those who have supported projects there. Tito shared with us some of the changes and growth in Telnique and we discussed our project for 2016. The project will include staying in the village, building latrines, building a fence around the day care, painting and setting up a play structure there, establishing community gardens, and a health clinic with our nurses and their doctors.