Posted on Jun 06, 2017
Tonight's meeting was a jam packed affair. We had as dinner guests, winners of the Decoy Challenge as well as the Duck Race winner and sponsor. We began with a presentation to the winners of the Decoy Challenge
Les from "Fat Les" Chip Stands
and Owen representing Hoffman Building Materials
There was a difference of just one vote between the two winners.
This was followed by a presentation of thanks to Dave Blue of Hudson's Autobody who has been a multi-year sponsor of our annual duck race.
After the presentation to Dave, a presentation was made to Rob, the husband of winner Karen who had the fastest duck in the race.
Our speakers this evening were the Library Sues, Chief Librarian Sue Higgins and programme specialist Sue Bergeron. Sue H took us through a youth literacy programme that is county wide which focuses on reading for young children.
This was followed by "Library Sue" reading the members a story. It was a wonderful thing to hear for both a child and someone a generation or two away.