Our program director, Ben Vorano introduced this evening's speaker, Councillor Barb Tobin.
Councillor Tobin began by telling us a little of her childhood and why she is who she is. Born and raised as an only child in Cornwall, Ontario her parents were quick to tell her that yes she was special at home but she would be viewed quite differently outside her home, teaching her a lot about life. Growing up in a mixed faith family, she learned to navigate different types of people and their perspectives.
She studied Graphic design as post secondary education and ended up teaching at North Grenville District High School when her husband was posted to the Grenville County O.P.P detachment. After teaching for 28 years at NGDHS she is still in her first year of retirement. Barb really enjoyed teaching at NGDHS and thinks teaching is the best reality show going, she loved it so much she worked past her retirement date.
Entering her 3rd term in politics she is asked many times why she didn’t run for Mayor. She responded by saying that she wants to focus on volunteering more in the community. She has taken the Hospice Volunteer course and has done some volunteering at the Salvation Army sorting canned goods, a job she always wanted to do. Barb thinks very highly of Service Clubs and thinks they are “the backbone of the community”.
Barb touched on some points of interest in Kemptville. The Highway 43 expansion is vital with our community’s continued growth to allow people to flow into our community without too much restriction and traffic. The Kemptville College is a big project that has a lot of work yet to be done.
Councillor Tobin was thanked by Rotarian Jenn Franssen who is a fan of Barb because she knows how much she advocates for youth in our community also thanked her for sharing about herself.