We had a busy evening tonight. In addition to District Governor Nabil visiting, we also had as guests representatives of various community groups that we partner with. The evening began with the official welcoming of this club's new Friends of Rotary. Pictured below on the right are John, Steven and Laura and their sponsors on the left.
Following the welcoming of friends, presentations were made to North Grenville Accessible Transport, North Grenville Rotary Science Fair and North Grenville Scouts. Then our speaker, DG Nabil addressed the club and our guests. Nabil's profession is conflict resolution and he shared with the club his journey from being a medical student to what he does today. He also shared how he feels about membership, both recruitment and retention and the different ways everyone can engage.
After our meeting adjourned, a desert of home made cake was shared with all.
As the evening concluded, Nabil shared his time with members and potential members.