Storm Internet was founded in 1996 with a motto of “Rediscover Customer Service”. With customer driven support and service serving over 8000 square kilometres, Storm provides many personalized services including...Internet (in various forms); D.S.L.; Wireless; Fibre Optics; WiFi “Hotspots” and Phone- Voice over IP- Internet Protocol. They are a company that is looking to provide rural areas with the best internet that they can get.
Myles started his job with Storm in February of 2014 and is one of 30 employees that make up the Storm Internet’s company.
Myles spoke about the Ottawa Valley South Project which is enabling places such as Campgrounds; Yacht clubs; Centre Towns; Trailer Parks; Housing Developments, to access Internet services not otherwise provided. They also facilitate fairs and festivals receiving internet services which in turn help the businesses there sell their goods via debit and credit card transactions.
Myles mentioned that Internet benefits and Community in many ways be it through education and schools, businesses, government and tourism which go hand in hand and finally events such as fairs and festivals.
Rotarian Rob thanked Myles on behalf of the club.