Tonight’s guest speaker was Fred Heller from Trillium Housing. Fred was here tonight to speak to the club about the downtown condominium development. He represents an investors group in residential housing.
Fred advised that they had bought the old Scotiabank building and woudl be renovating it into a sales center, construction on that to begin in the next few weeks.
Mr. Heller stated that he doesn’t have much info on the specifics of the building itself because that is not his area but he did mention it would consist of enough units for 100 families with the prices of the units ranging from $150,000.00 for studio sized to $500,000.00 for penthouses. There would be no rentals.
He hopes this is a catalyst to bring more people in and could be a prototype for other small towns. If all goes well construction would begin in the Summer of 2015 with 9 to 12 months of construction of the concrete framed building. You could see the first occupancy in2016 and completed in 2017. There would be no commercial outlets in the building, it would be all residential.
Fred was thanked by president Donovan.